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1590BB "Swiss Cheese" Pedal Drill Jig

1590BB "Swiss Cheese" Pedal Drill Jig

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Brand New. Authorized Dealer. 1590BB size pedal drill template. 

From the manufacturer:


The Swiss Cheese Drill Jig is the second generation jig designed for 1590BB style enclosures, and offers an abundance of new hole options. Whether you want to build your pedal vertically or horizontally, the jig provides plenty of options! Designed to allow four potentiometers across vertically or just three, the hole pattern allows either option with commonly spaced distances for those using kits from companies like PedalPCB, Aion FX, and more! Additional side hole options for I/O and DC jack placement, multiple locations for dual, or even triple, foot-switches, and uses the same foot-switch and LED hole locations (relative to the bottom of the jig, along the middle axis) as the popular 125B DrillJig.By only using three sides, the user can slide DrillJigs forward and backwards across the enclosure to adjust hole placement if necessary. It is advised to tape down (with painters tape or similar) the unenclosed wall so that the DrillJig doesn’t slip during use. And with all of our products, we recommend using a center punch to mark the holes first to avoid any damage caused by drilling through the jig itself. Keech Design is not liable for any damage caused to the product from misuse. Check out the 3D models showing the different possibilities, and make sure to check the 2D CAD drawing to double check that it will work for your application!

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