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Caroline Guitar Company

Caroline Guitar Co. Hawaiian Pizza

Caroline Guitar Co. Hawaiian Pizza

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Used, but good condition. Original box included. 

From the manufacturer:

Be sure to take your thinking caps *off* for this one. INPUT (pig) controls your instrument’s feed to the transistor amplifier. Full on is full-blast, dial it back for crunch. VOLTAGE (pineapple) is the power supply to the amplifier circuit. Turn it up for max headroom, back it off for squishy compression, or way down for fun broken, gated, & octave-y sounds. OUTPUT (pizza) is the final output level. The more of the other controls, the less you’ll need of this. And vice versa.

On the inside of this pedal is a slide switch for a guitar pickup simulator. If you use this with other buffered effects, active pickups, or a wireless system, leave it ON. If you place this pedal first in your chain, you can turn it OFF.

The sounds of the most luxurious five figure amplifiers, the most crystal of lettuce, the clipping of unobtainable diodes, harvesting harmonics so fragile they previously would only have survived within the most magical trove of new old stock vacuum tubes? Combine all that with the priceless feeling of the moment you realized your years on the special wait list were worth it and you have our HAWAIIAN PIZZATM: the sonic equivalent of a forbidden delicacy, all from just three knobs and the truth*.

We discovered this circuit in the discarded manila file folders of our old multinational overlords, the Caroline Corporation, alongside all kinds of very 1970s corporate villainy and sci-fi plans for world domination. Your pedal was then dreamed, designed and created at our small batch distorteryTM in Columbia, S.C. Thank you for supporting our work.

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