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DR VERITAS™ 3 PACK - Coated Core Technology Electric Guitar Strings: Medium 10-46

DR VERITAS™ 3 PACK - Coated Core Technology Electric Guitar Strings: Medium 10-46

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From the manufacturer:

Non-Slip Grooves

Secure the Wrap Wire to Improve Stability and Intonation

Coated Core Wire

Extends String Life by Protecting the Core Wire from Corrosion

Quantum Nickel Wrap Wire

Increases Magnetism for Superior

Output & Power

VERITAS™ Electric Guitar Strings maintain their tone, tuning stability and intonation thanks to Coated Core Technology™,  a process of coating the round core wire, which locks the wrap wire in place and extends string life by protecting the core from corrosion.  A Quantum Nickel™ wrap wire delivers more power, brighter tone and greater flexibility and responsiveness.

All VERITAS™ sets include both standard plain steel AND Xenon Power-Plain™ strings, which have increased output to balance with the wound strings.


You can't teach the blues. It's not something that can be codified in music books or learned on YouTube. It goes much deeper than that and it comes from the inside. It's about the way the guitar strings are bent and the sound gets transmuted directly from a player's soul.  At the end of the day…either you've got it, or you don't.  

JARED JAMES NICHOLS has definitely got it. 

"If you don’t know…I play ROUGH.  And these strings…they didn’t break.  They kept in tune…kept staying there…kept giving me FIVE STEP BENDS with ease and letting me hold a vibrato until the end of time.  And by SHOW FIVE…I said, you know what?  I have to change these.  I’m starting to freak out because they’re lasting WAY longer than expected.”


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