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Electronic Audio Experiments

EAE Halberd V1

EAE Halberd V1

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Used, but good condition. Paint chips shown in photos. No original box included. 

From the manufacturer:

Version 1

  • Original release in Fall 2019. Built in a BB-type enclosure and uses a NOS Germanium transistor in one of its gain stages.

The Electronic Audio Experiments Halberd is a discrete transistor overdrive circuit designed for the greatest possible dynamic range and note clarity. It fills a special niche our family of drive pedals—a medium-gain device with the harmonic fullness and grind of a much higher-gain pedal, one that stands apart from both the brazen buzz of op amp distortion and the smooth breakup of JFET amp emulations alike.

The Halberd’s character comes from over a dozen transistors working in harmony. It is familiar but unique, sitting somewhere between blown-up tweed and an overloaded console. Rather than resigning itself to transparency, it imparts its character in a collaborative fashion, responding in unique ways to different instruments and amplifiers but not without leaving its distinct fingerprints. And of course, it is equally at home on guitar, bass, and synthesizer.

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