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Earthling Designs

Earthling Designs Gliss Drive

Earthling Designs Gliss Drive

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Used but very good condition. Original box included. 

From the manufacturer:

GLISS DRIVE is a multipurpose drive that is capable of OD, distortion, treble boost and shades of fuzz. It was designed with slide players in mind but works just as well with regular setups. It features a ultra low noise design and simple feature set that sounds and feels great under the fingertips. The tone is dynamic, complex and rich in overtones.

***Original, Black textured finish***

Gliss Drive is a unique overdrive pedal that was initially designed for use with slide/bottle neck electric guitar (hence the name: 'gliss' being short for 'glissando'). But it sounds just as good with standard guitar setups. The tone is dynamic and harmonically rich with extremely low noise. Don't let the simple feature set fool you, GD is versatile! Dependent on drive and mode toggle settings, treble boost, light drive, through to heavy-singing sustain and fuzzed-out amp explode tones are available. There is plenty of output level on tap to goose the front-end of your favourite amp too for even more shades of grit. 


  • Novel drive circuitry that uses a discrete BJT opamp to provide a harmonically complex, singing tone with minimal noise.
  • Three-way mode switch that tailors low frequency response and the nature of overdrive (from focused to chewy).
  • Low current consumption (can be powered either by 9V PP3 battery or centre-negative power supply).
  • Hardwire, true bypass switching.
  • Designed and assembled in Sydney, Australia. 
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