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Gabriel Tenorio

Gabriel Tenorio NíquelPuro Pure Nickel Strings Super 10s 10-46 STD Twist Round Core

Gabriel Tenorio NíquelPuro Pure Nickel Strings Super 10s 10-46 STD Twist Round Core

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These strings come in three different styles:




From the manufacturer:

Introducing the NíquelPuro line of Electric Guitar Strings by the Gabriel Tenorio String Co.

These are still constructed and formulated like the original GTSco line but feature the highest quality pure nickel wrap available. (original GTSco strings already feature the highest amount of nickel available in nickel plated steel)

NíquelPuro is an evolution in my string making. My goal has always been to make the best sounding and feeling string.

I wasn’t interested in pure nickel at first. I felt that all the pure nickel I had ever seen in the market didn’t feel comfortable and that it was a gimmick to improve the signal strength of a hex core string. Many folks felt that nickel was warmer, others swore that nickel was louder or brighter. I wasn’t going to make pure nickel if it meant making strings that didn’t feel right to me or if it meant appeasing a boutique “tone fetish.”

I had been testing nickel out for about a year and had come to enjoy how durable and strong pure nickel is to nickel plated steel. I felt this right away while making a batch of D strings which feature a very fine wrap wire. The tone once the string was installed was rich and full. A very good strong tone that had even more body than the NPS.

After running more tests, I’ve decided to bring these to market. Like with my own personal strings I used on tour in my younger days, it took me a while to feel comfortable and confident in selling these to the public. I just want to make a good string that is worth your hard-earned gig money.

I am always surprised at how long the strings last for a majority of the professional musicians who put them to the test show after show, session after session. I know that the NíquelPuro will also stand up to that test. 

·      Pure Nickel is stronger and longer lasting than nickel plated steel wrap wire

·      Pure Nickel has stronger magnetic properties than nickel plated steel, thus producing a more output and improving signal strength

·      NíquelPuro strings by GTSco feature the same round core construction and custom twist innovations of the original line

·      GTSco strings in general, use more “Tone Metal” per wound string than most brands

Some more background and thoughts on the matter…. 

Nickel is a very vague term thrown around the gear industry. Almost every single wound electric guitar string employs nickel. There are varying grades of nickel plated steel and pure nickel wrap wire in use in the modern string industry.

Nickel is ferromagnetic, that is important because it makes it possible to get more output from an electric guitar. It is a widely known characteristic of this metal. Steel is not magnetic on its own therefore other metals are added to different kinds of steel alloys to add magnetic properties. Without it, strings across the board would not perform as well.

We know already that different metal wraps produce their own signature sound. That is also true of the NíquelPuro line. For lack of a better term, I am going to call wrap metal “Tone Metal.” By virtue of my construction and formulation techniques, I offer more tone metal in my products as a rule.  Cost cutting techniques in the industry have compromised the quality of metal some string companies use and even guided formulations focused on using thicker cores to save on expensive wrap wire. This can make for an opaque, albeit durable, string. I don’t believe this approach serves the instrument, the player, nor the tone, well.


NíquelPuro Electric Guitar Strings are made to help musicians play better, feel confident, and rest assured that they are getting the most from their instrument. You shouldn’t have to beat your instrument or destroy your hands to get a good sound, the strings just need to work for you.


That’s just how I feel about it.

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