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GapCo Vintage Pedal Enclosure

GapCo Vintage Pedal Enclosure

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Brand New. Authorized Dealer. Includes rubber feet and screws. 

From the manufacturer:

GAPco Vintage Pedal Enclosure. Sturdy pressed steel construction with welded mounting tabs. Pressed steel base plate and four rubber feet are included. 

This enclosure is based on a 1960's British design, and it was used for the Rotosound reissue RFB-1 Fuzz pedal as well as other vintage style pedals.  

The enclosure is supplied with a coating of machine oil to help protect the surface from corrosion during storage. The oil should be wiped off before painting or powder coating. 

This enclosure is plain, unfinished steel and the surface is liable to exhibit some minor scuffs and scratches, also rust spots when any moisture settles on the surface during storage and shipping. We recommend removing any rust that has settled on the surface by wiping it with Phosphoric acid, and with Isopropyl alcohol (99%) to clean the surface of the enclosure before finishing, priming, painting or powder coating.

Approximate Dimensions:  Measuring the base 10.25" long, 5" wide at the widest point, 4" at the narrowest. It is 1.75" high at the highest point. 

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