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Ibanez AD9 Analog Delay

Ibanez AD9 Analog Delay

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Used, but good condition. No original box. Reissue model. 

From the manufacturer:

The Ibanez AD9 Analog Delay pedal brings back the sound, looks, and functionality of a classic! Built to give you the classic sound of a great analog delay without the hassles and inconsistencies of tape and disk units, the compact AD9 Analog Delay provides a very clean sound and easy adjustability. Ibanez equipped this pedal with Delay Time, Delay Level, and Repeat controls to give you a range of adjustable delay effects, and an additional dry output allows you to run a true-stereo 2-amp rig Packed into a classic-looking, road-tough enclosure, the AD9 Analog Delay is the real deal!

Ibanez AD9 Analog Delay Pedal at a Glance:

  • A classic pedal returns
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Use it for a true-stereo rig

A classic pedal returns
Ibanez last offered the AD9 Analog Delay pedal 20 years ago. Now it's back! Discrete echo is one of the most dramatic effects in the music industry. Bulky tape and "spinning disk" units have given way to the convenience and reliability of solid-state delays. The Ibanez AD9 Analog Delay uses a compander with pre- and de-emphasis for an exceptionally clean delay.

Easy-to-use controls
The Delay Time control adjusts the delay time and the Delay Level control allows the artist to adjust the mix between dry and delayed signals. The AD9's Repeat control permits the number of repeats to be controlled without runaway.

Use it for a true-stereo rig
Two outputs enable the dry and delayed signals to be separately routed for dramatic stereo effects when you use a 2-amp rig. The possibilities are endless!

Ibanez AD9 Analog Delay Pedal Features:

  • Reissue of a classic analog delay pedal
  • A great combination of classic analog delay and clear sound
  • Tough metal housing
  • Delay Time, Delay Level, and Repeat controls
  • Additional direct output allows for a 2-amp true stereo setup
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