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Lake Effects

Lake Effects FVD

Lake Effects FVD

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Used, but good condition. A few nicks/dents in the finish. Original box included. 

From the manufacturer:

Minimal Rat. A visually clean and sonically dirty pedal with the classic Filter, Volume, and Drive controls on a rat-style circuit. The versatility in the control knobs allow for a range from low gain boosts to gnarly shoegaze. The filter knob dials-in bright/classic rock tones to dark and fuzzy drones. Simple design yet endless combinations, plays nice with others.

Clipping Toggle:
Right = Silicon Diode Clipping
Left = Germanium Diode Clipping

- 1590BB Enclosure
- 4.67 in x 3.68 in x 1.18 in
- Top Mounted 1/4" mono jacks
- Top Mounted 2.1mm DC power jack
- 9VDC center negative power (standard Boss style)

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