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Mission Engineering

Mission Engineering 529X Isolated Power Expander

Mission Engineering 529X Isolated Power Expander

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From the manufacturer:


The 529X is a compact, flexible effects pedal power supply that can power both low and high current devices up to 1000mA. Each of the 8 outputs can provide 500mA at 9V (4.5W) up to a system maximum 16.8W, for use with regular analog and digital pedals. Use the supplied parallel cable to power high current devices such as modelers and multi-effects up to 1000mA.

The 529X can be used anywhere in the world with the included international wall adapter, or used along with the Mission 529M to silently power your board from compatible USB-PD sources such as USB chargers and power banks. All of the 8 outputs are isolated to ensure quiet operation with even the noisiest of digital pedals. Nine LED’s indicate the status of input and output power, showing green for normal operation and turning off when disabled or to indicate a fault condition.

With eight low noise isolated outputs and high current capability, in a compact 1”, 6oz enclosure, the 529X is the ideal power supply for lightweight pedal boards and fly rigs.

8 low noise isolated 500mA outputs
International 12V 2A wall power supply included
Optionally power from USB charger or battery when used with Mission 529M
LED status indications for input and all 8 outputs
Over current and short circuit protection
Power high current devices up to 1000mA with supplied parallel cable

Inputs: 12VDC (AC adapter included)
Outputs: 8 x 500mA, or 4 x 100mA 1 x 1000mA parallel
Maximum Output Power: 16.8W
Height: 1”
Width: 4.6”
Depth: 2.75”
Weight: 6oz

Aluminum case
Blue anodized

529X power supply
12V international AC/DC wall unit
1 x 4 way parallel cable
9 x 2.1mm 9V DC cables


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