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Mythos Pedals

Mythos Erlking

Mythos Erlking

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Used, but in good condition with some scratches on the right side. Includes original box with "Be Heroic" business card. 

From the manufacturer:

Based on the Nobels ODR-1 this four knob overdrive unit raises the headroom, smooths the gain, and adds a much needed Bass control. With Volume, Gain, Bass, and Treble control you can dial in a huge variety of sounds from clean boost to roaring overdrive that can compliment any rig. Clear and dynamic that can handle any genre.

  • Clear headroom for pushing your amp
  • Versatile Bass and Treble controls
  • Dynamic clipping that responses to your playing
  • Works well with any amp or pickup style
  • Quality through hole components
  • True Bypass switching
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