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DR PURE BLUES™ - Pure Nickel Electric Guitar Strings: Medium to Heavy 10-52

DR PURE BLUES™ - Pure Nickel Electric Guitar Strings: Medium to Heavy 10-52

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From the manufacturer:

DR Pure Blues electric guitar strings recreate the unmistakable tone and feel of classic American rock and blues.

The moment you put them on, you will notice a distinctive warm, balanced sound that produces rich overtones and a pure vintage vibe. Chords ring out sweet and round. Leads become more present with punchiness and sustain. And your fingers are rewarded with smooth playability and highly responsive touch sensitivity.

Pure Nickel Wrap Wire For A Distinctive Warm & Balanced Sound 

Round Core Wire. Round core strings ensure 100% contact with the wrap wire to create a dense and distinctly vintage tone with increased sustain.


Making our guitar strings by hand allows us to closely monitor quality, make micro adjustments throughout the winding process, and add a human element that we feel can’t be duplicated by a machine.


Few guitarists embody the Pure American Sound more than Derek Trucks. From his soaring slide work to the subtleties of his fretting, his tone is unmistakably his own—yet clearly steeped in all who came before him. A big part of that tone has always been DR Strings Pure Blues electric guitar strings. Find out why Derek makes them an essential part of his rig and how they help him get into that zone where everything but the music just disappears.

"I haven't used anything but DR'S round core Pure Blues strings for 20 years. Its is part of the makeup of what I do. They allow my thoughts to flow…They never get in the way of what I am trying to do.


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