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Seeker BC108 Boost

Seeker BC108 Boost

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Used, but good condition. Some minor finish chips on the sides. No original box. 

From the manufacturer:

This Seeker Electric Effects - CV108 Rangemaster is a vintage-inspired take on a classic Rangemaster circuit with a Silicon twist. Hand-made on a Veroboard utilizing a low-noise NOS Silicon CV108 transistor, this custom Rangemaster sports a input cap blend and bias to make for a versatile boost from clean and thin to thick and fuzzy. Great as a boost to drive the front end of your amp or pedals, or max it out for those dying amp tones.

Solid construction with top-of-the-line components, we couldn't be more excited about adding Seeker Electric Effects to our line of boutique pedals. Individually numbered, signed and dated. 
  • Hand-made on Veroboard
  • NOS Philips CV108 SiliconTransistor
  • LED (white)
  • 9v Center Negative Power jack
  • 9v battery clip
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