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Seeker DIY Truth Bender Fuzz Kit

Seeker DIY Truth Bender Fuzz Kit

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Truth Bender Fuzz Kit. Brand New Kit from Seeker. Authorized Dealer. Instructions can be found here:

Truth Fuzz Kit

Seeker Truth Fuzz kits are here! Build your own Truth Face (FuzzFace)  or Truth Bender (MK1.5 Tonebender) with a super simple board layout and control set. Comes with all the components including a tuned set of NOS Germanium transistors, NOS capacitors, and Koa Speer carbon film resistors. Pre drilled raw enclosure included, paint it with your own style or leave it raw for an industrial vibe. The transistors are socketed so feel free to experiment with using other PNP Germanium or Silicon transistors for different tones. Bias and Volume controls only, fuzz fixed at maximum for a dynamic experience with pick attack, or rolling back your volume control for superb cleanup. A simple and effective fuzz kit with step by step instructions so that anyone with basic soldering skills can make a world class fuzz.

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