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Seeker Oculus Rangemaster Boost

Seeker Oculus Rangemaster Boost

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From the manufacturer:

Oculus is my take on the Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster. With so many great clones of this circuit that perfectly capture that tone already on the market, I wanted to offer something more unique that still lives in the same family.

 Controls for Texture (gain) and Tone along with the standard Biasing Volume control give you a wide palette to shape your tone. Inside the custom circuit board lies an array of vintage NOS components. At the heart of Oculus is a single Philips MilSpec CV108 silicon transistor that provides tons of boost and clarity with low noise. 

Sonically I wanted Oculus to have a bit more gain and lots of volume to push your amp or pedals. Oculus can get quite a bit more gritty and driven but the classic Rangemaster tones are in there along with fuzzy tones that cleanup on your guitar volume, with the Texture knob finally giving you a gated fuzz tone, great on its own or stacked with another fuzz or drive pedal. The Texture and Tone controls are interactive, the more low end pushing the circuit, the more fuzz you get. 

Oculus comes in a unique Green & Gold powder coated enclosure with retro knobs and a minimalist style like the rest of my lineup. True bypass w/ LED indicator and 9v center negative power/ internal battery snap with holder are standard.

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