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Seeker Rangemaster OC42

Seeker Rangemaster OC42

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Used, but mint condition. Original box included. 

From the manufacturer:

This Seeker Electric Effects - RangeMaster Treble Booster is a vintage-inspired take on a classic circuit, containing one NOS black glass OC42 transistor selected for bias and gain. A switch has been added to change the input capacitor from the stock treble booster, which has a lovely mid-focus with of course a high-end boost, to a thicker tone that pushes a little harder and still retains the signature honk. Solid construction with top-of-the-line components, we couldn't be more excited about working with Mike over at Seeker on these custom green Mass Street editions. Individually numbered, signed and dated.
  • Hand-made on Tagboard - point to point construction
  • TRW, Mullard, Paktron and Vishay caps
  • NOS black glass OC42 Germanium transistor
  • Koa Speer Carbon Film resistors
  • Dakaware knobs
  • LED
  • 9v Center Negative Power jack
  • 9v battery clip
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